How The Minimum Wage Debate Is Viewed Through A Marxist Perspective

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Karl Marx evaluated the capitalistic system through economic and social discourse. He evaluated the effects of the transition from a socially stratified society in feudalism to the capitalistic result that was the current trend in society. I will discuss how the minimum wage debate is viewed through a Marxist perspective Although the means of production was undergoing enormous leaps forward through the industrial revolution, the movement out of feudalism ceased to improve for those who lacked capital or property ownership. During feudalism there was multiple levels of social stratification. However, under the burgeoning new system, capitalism, there was only two social, and economic groups – the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Marx summed it up, “It has established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones” (Marx, 1930, p. 13) The bourgeoisie are made up of the capitalist. These are the owners of the means of production. Through this private ownership, they also have been able to garner the influence of the political and economic power within a nation. This in turn allows them to gear the laws, and codes of conduct, and therefore affords them the luxury of acquiring tax breaks, legal, financial loopholes, and a buffer from government action. The proletariat on the other hand, lacks the means of productions and therefore has to sell his labor-power (Abrahamson, 2010, p. 52)
. This also denies him the ability to sway…

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