How The Media Should Be Portrayed Women Essay

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There has been increasing controversy surrounding the idea of how the media should be portraying women. On one side of the spectrum, there are the overwhelmingly thin women who are depicted as super models and idolized in magazines and advertisements. Then on the other side, there are the women representing companies, such as Dove, who are featured in campaigns to promote “real beauty” as a way to fix the “thin” phenomenon, and direct positive attention towards women who are plus-sized, or do not possess the average body type of a model. Dove’s initiative is to promote self-love; however, this message is construed to mean everyone is entitled to have media representation. Campaigns similar to Dove’s are unintentionally enforcing the idea that a woman needs to feel represented by advertisements and television in order to be content with her appearance or the way she is, when in reality, this is unrealistic. There are simply too many different features of women to represent, so inevitably, there will always be someone who is left out. The trend of featuring stereotypical attractive people in television and advertisements has been apparent since the early development of the media; however, individuals have just recently decided there is a problem with it.
The purpose of using women in advertisements who have stereotypical characteristics of beauty, is not to discriminate against people who do not look like them; it is based off of that person’s ability to market a product…

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