How The Media Keeps Us Hung Up On Body Image Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… On average, children spend about four hours per day watching TV and are constantly comparing themselves to what they see (Derenne 257). “The media inundates them with mixed messages about what is sexy, making it difficult to choose a role model” (Derenne 258). Since many of the celebrities in magazines are photo shopped to be made to look thin, young teen girls are obsessed with looking just like them. Two studies with media images have been looked at weather media literacy interventions can disrupt can prevent negative exposure effects. Both of the studies give information on artificial beauty “Which is the inappropriate ideals portrayed in the media and informed participants about the techniques used to produce these images” (Halliwell 397). Genetic realities on the other hand “is put in perspective of how teens are geographically susceptible to be heavier than the models” (Halliwell 397). Both studies showed the negative literature found in media. Many teens are driven by thinness and over exposed to achieving “ideal beauty.”
The media also has a negative impact on teenager’s health. Teenage girls are relentlessly given the message by the media that they are not pretty or thin enough. Teens tend to look up to their role models and want to imitate them. Magazines air brush photos with such fast growing technology, “Even health and fitness magazines are not above scrutiny” (Derenne 259). Articles talk
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