How The Media Can Make Us Construct Our Own Reality? Essay

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In society there are many social problems we have at hand that can shape our beliefs and outlooks in life. Simple events affect us will have the biggest impact on our actions. Major social problems such as racism, discrimination, standard of living and even the way the media shapes are behaviors are some of the things we may come encounter with on our daily lives.
The symbolic interactionism idea is made up of the three processes which are meaning is derived from social interaction, value of the interaction process and also the idea we all interpret things in our own way. The media is everywhere we look and almost everyone is able to access it without a problem. The media put stories and news reports out all the time claiming something could be a big problem, but in reality it should not be something we should be worried about at all.
The Ebola virus is a perfect example of how the media can make us construct our own reality of things and believe what they put out. Ebola derived from Africa in Zaire, where it got its name from the Ebola River. Ebola was supposedly spread across the Atlantic Ocean by a doctor who was infected by the virus. The man was isolated in a hospital and the virus subsided throughout America never causing a real serious outbreak. The media made everything seem so different and by them doing this we all created our own reality of what was going on. The interpretive process which is part of the symbolic interactionism suggest we all have our own…

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