How The Meal Plan Can Improve My Writing Essay

1713 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
This semester I have done well with improving my writing but been offensively immature with fulfilling commitments. This semester I have come to class every day, engaged a little in class lessons although not a lot, and came to class prepared most of the time. I was really bad at making conferences which is really bad and has to change in the future. My next English class I will have to make conferences while also continue improving my writing. The MEAL Plan has really helped me with structuring my paragraphs and improving the overall flow of my writing. has improved my grammar and pointed out specific problems in my essays that need attention. Finally, has given me tips for transitioning from one sentence to another or one paragraph to another. The MEAL Plan is a useful way of structuring paragraphs by following MEAL which is an acronym with M being the Main Idea, E being Evidence/Explanation/Evaluate, A being Analyze, and L being Linking. Starting off using the MEAL Plan this semester I had a little trouble getting used to it as seen in the second paragraph from one of my first papers this semester on “Should Everyone Go to College”:
After reading Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill’s essay the thing that got my attention most was how they were able to use Logos so efficiently that the little amount of Ethos put in was enough to suffice. The fact that not everyone needs to go to college is the main point that Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill…

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