Essay about How The Lifestyles Affect The Students Of A Unsuccessful

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The Lifestyles Affect the students to be Unsuccessful
Education is the most important key for the students to succeed in life. Most students dream to success with flying colors in their exams, but only a number of people succeed with it. Some students practiced a few of good habits in order to succeed in life, but some students are not. When I was in high school, I had a really hard time with my grade because I always spent most of my time watching the television. I like to watch the television all day and night, so I often overlooked my homework. I was also a popular student among the teachers as they already knew me as “the lazy student” who always did not finish the homework. Because of my bad lifestyle at home, my grade dropped. Thus, sometimes the students’ lifestyles are somehow connected to the failure of these students. Hence, in this essay, I will discuss about the main students’ lifestyles that will affect the students to be unsuccessful in school. If some of the lifestyles give a bad influence to the students’ performances in school, the students should really know why is that happens.
To begin with, unbalance of time management is one of the bad lifestyles that can affect the students’ performances at school. Nowadays, most of students’ times crammed with all activities that happens in school such as the camps, conferences, sports, or exam; thus, these students do not have adequate time to do revision for their studies. Students who juggle their times or…

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