How The Lack Of Sustainability Impacts Our World Essay

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How the Lack of Sustainability Impacts our world
For decades the world has been facing an ever increasing crisis in which the sustainability of our planet is not strong enough to support the expanding population. As our population grows, the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere increases dramatically, causing a change in our climate that threatens the balance of nature. This essay will touch on just a few of the adverse impacts that a lack of sustainability in our world has had on the population of other species as well as our own.
In recent years, researchers and scientists have been concerned with the causes and effects that global warming has had on the environment. As excess greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, they created a layer of thick smog that covers the earth. The smog then insulates the heat that normally reflects off the earth, causing a raised temperature. Although it does not sound like a large increase, the average temperature of earth has increased half a degree in the past 100 years. Even this slight increase in temperature has had a multitude of negative effects on the environment and has wreaked havoc on many different ecosystems. One of these effects is the alarming rate of the melting of the polar ice sheets, which have melted more in the last twenty years than in the 10,000 years prior (, 2016). The ice sheets are home to a wide variety of arctic animals, and all of these animals rely heavily on the ice in order to…

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