Essay on How The Knicks Can Make Will Be Through Free Agency

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While owning no draft picks for the upcoming draft, the only improvements the Knicks can make will be through Free Agency. Only seven players are under contract for the 2016-2017 season. Four of the players are the 2016 starters (Lopez, Anthony, Calderon, and Porzingis), while the rest are Grant, O’Quinn, and Tony Wroten.

The team is going to need to add eight other players for the 15 player roster limit. While Phil Jackson can offer a max contract to an elite player (Hassan Whiteside, Andre Drummond, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Durant etc), he can sign many less featured players similar to what he did last summer. A few inexpensive free agents the Knicks can target this Summer include: Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton, Steve Novak, Andre Miller, and Chris Kaman.

One aspect all of these players have in common is the uncertainty whether or not they will receive an NBA contract. Zeller has fallen out of the rotation for the Celtics due to the clog of big men on the team. He will be looking for another chance to prove his deserving of an NBA contract. In the 2014-2015 season, according to Basketball Reference, Zeller was averaging. 10.2 points to go with 5.7 rebounds, and about half a block per game in 21 minutes per game. For a low price, he may be able to put up similar numbers coming off the bench. Even though Zeller is a restricted free agent, I don’t think resigning Zeller will be a priority for the Celtics.

Marcus Thornton would be inexpensive option to replace Aaron Afflalo (if…

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