How The Internet Is The World Wide Web Essay examples

1435 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Businesses today, no matter big or small, rely on the internet to get them off the ground whether they’re a start up company, or if their services involve using the world wide web. It’s the most perfect platform to advertise one’s company, product and/or service without taking up any physical, costly space like a billboard because it’s all online and digital, free to look at and research upon. The main purpose of the internet is to allow anyone to search up anything they desire, whether it’s news, research, products to consume, or media, it’s there for anyone to access without any middleman interference. This allows a rapid growth of innovation in technology, especially in the Bay Area where it thrives on new innovative startup companies. However, recently, internet service providers wanted to get some control over what content is consumed, monetizing free services like Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, and many other traffic heavy sites to rack in some extra income for the big internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner, 3 most used services consumed by regular users and companies alike here in the Bay Area. This hinders other sites and companies that can’t be placed on this monetized “fast lane” ability to grab any internet traffic from the consumers because of the lack of accessibility brought by the internet service providers. Thus, having these large internet companies slow down and fully control innovation. The recent upbringing of Net Neutrality ensures…

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