How The Internet Has Changed The World Essay

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Executive Summary
The world is changing. Initially, the media was not used for marketing and not much attention was accorded to it. However, with the advent of the iPhones and different gadgets, the scene has really changed. The scene changed slowly from the advent of television sets and also and radio programs. Now we are blessed to have internet. The internet has changed the game. A product can be marketed in Germany over the internet one day and be on demand in Africa the next. The speed associated with marketing and selling over the internet is exhilarating. We, Customized Media Solutions, offer solutions to internet marketing through website development and maintenance.
As eMusic intends to offer products over the internet, they will be able to reach a customer base that they would not have been able to reach in person. Internet marketing has its advantages ranging from the ability to reach much more people as compared to other marketing strategies. Here is our proposed business plan for eMusic.
Internet Business
The global internet usage has grown significantly over the past few years. Statistics show that there are over 964 million internet users all over the world. This represents 15% of the world’s population (Manuel, 2001). There are countries that have really progressed in this area. However, there are emerging markets in Africa and in the Middle East that the make e-commerce an interesting business idea. According to statistics, it was estimated that the US…

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