How The Group Has Changed Over Time Essay

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I interviewed my uncle for this homework, his name is Khizer Hayat Gondal. He is currently forty-six years old and lives in Canada.


a. Can you recall how the group formed? The group formed in a secondary school in Pakistan. We all had similar hobbies and lived in the same area.

b. At what point in your life did the group develop? The group developed when I was around ten or twelve years old.

c. How central was this group to you then? The group was very important to me that time. It helped me become more social and allowed me to gain new friends overtime.

d. How has the group—its membership or its features—changed over time? The group hasn’t changed much, except we all live in different places now. Two of my group friends live in Italy, a few of them live in Pakistan still, and I am in Canada now.

e. How do you value this group today? I value this group a lot because it helped me throughout my life. I have five siblings, but they were always busy with housework and their school studies. I always felt very lonely, but with this group I was able to learn new things and develop a network of friends throughout my village.

a. What were the primary activities of your group of friends? Our primary activities were playing cricket and going on adventures in my city, Mandi Bahauddin. Also, since our parents owned big farms, we usually spent a lot of time learning new techniques of farming and taking care of the animals.
b. Did your group…

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