How The Grass Isn 't Greener On The Other Side? Essay

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How To Get Green Grass 101 What if the grass isn’t greener on the other side? What does one do to move forward? In the memoir “Persepolis” Marj who is the main character, watched as her family opposed the current form of government. Her parents started to participate in demonstrations to dethrone the Shah, who was Mohammad Pahlavi, because of unfair distribution of wealth. Their actions encouraged Marj to participate in the demonstrations; although she didn’t quite know what she was getting herself into, she wanted what was best for her country. She wanted a government that was established with the bones of justice and equality. So, how to get green grass? Change is how to get green grass. Damaged grass cannot return green on its own something has to make it a green again. Throughout “Persepolis” Marj keeps the idea of revolution dear to her, to her revolution is a good thing. As a result she demonstrated with her parents, she revolted against the religion that was forced on her, and did nothing but surround herself with people that were devoted to fighting for the form of government she was searching for. Marj does this because while revolution got her into a dictatorship, she knew that revolution is also the only thing that can stop this. Because Marj was persistent, from the start of the memoir she continuously fights for what she views as right. From the book, readers can conclude that even from the young age of eight years old Marj was an advocate…

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