How The End Of The Cold War Essay

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That Used to Be Us is a book written to express the political beliefs of the authors. They use quotes and opinions of other people to address what they think needs to be done in America. The book was written about how the end of the Cold War has blinded the nation of what needs to be done. Also, the purpose is that they describe how events in history could be the answer for the problems. In addition to, they discuss about the advances in technology of the other countries and how “that used to be us”. The tone is persuasive and disappointment with a logical appeal. They use a disappointed tone for how our country has changed differently and is falling behind. It also has a persuasive tone to tell the audience that they need to do the things they claim to make the country great again. The general style is problem and solution, because it describes the problem of the US and that the solution can be found through the ideas of them. I have picked a set of quotes and passages from the book and described how I feel about their words. “We’ve become a nation of wusses” (Friedman 6) was the first statement that offended me in the book. The passage before the quote, was about how China is getting better and becoming more advance than our country. This quote was from a former governor of Pennsylvania and he was talking about how no one in our state would stay for a football game if it snowed but in China they would. I honestly thought this quote was arrogant and disrespectful; due…

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