How The Company Has Outgrown Its Current Organizational Structure

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Changes are coming to Jones and Shepard Accountants. The company has outgrown its current organizational structure. The current structure worked in the early years when there were fewer employees and no projects. It has now reached a point where the company can no longer handle the internal stresses put on the director and project needs. The company was a small company of fifteen people in 1995. By 1998, the company had blossomed to of fifty employees. A new division was created, the Information Services Division, with a focus on research and development. With the best management that can be difficult to manage. The current ISD director admitted that the constant changes to the organizations management structure was probably a mistake. Now with fifty percent of the company resources controlled by the manager of operations an internal kingdom has been created. This structure leaves the other departments fighting or negotiating for resources from one person. The director now spends too much time dealing with conflict resolution and not strategic planning. In between the assistant director is dealing with a smaller staff that really doesn’t need much direction. Corporate direction wants to increase the focus on special MIS projects. Managing projects will be a priority. Currently, projects are not being handled well. The constant staffing changes made it the past were not well thought out and didn’t provide the stability needed to move forward without disagreements…

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