How The Colonists Changed The World Of The Atlantic Ocean Essay

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Imagine this, going camping in a completely remote area, not knowing a single thing about what the environment is like. Not knowing what kind of people are staying there and what the land offers. This is similarly how the colonists felt when moving across the Atlantic Ocean. The first few years on American soil were rough many didn’t survive, they had no resources. Until Indians began teaching them techniques on planting and growing crops, this helped jumpstart the Industrial Revolution, which will come in later years. America began flourishing from just one crop, tobacco. Soon after this crop was being planted all over the southern colonies, others started growing different crops, creating an industry. Furthermore, a government was set up, the Articles of Confederation. Although it worked in the meantime, congress knew it was not substantial for future use. It had only one branch of office, the Continental Congress. There was no judicial or executive branch, and there was only one vote per state. Of course with this kind of government, there were problems with foreign policies and economic problems. There was a lot of financial issues under the Articles of Confederation, which caused people to go bankrupt. Until the 1700’s when Alexander Hamilton chartered a National Bank. He gathered ideas from our neighboring country, Great Britain. Although England’s bank were similar they differed in many ways. The National Bank was to have a maximum amount of loans for…

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