How The Clothing Industry Has A Huge Impact On The World Essay examples

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Product Vision
Vision Statement
Meaningful clothing built for our future.
Mission Statement
Improving the clothing industry by correcting the ethical and environmental mistakes that so many companies have made.
Goals & Objectives
Short Term Goals
1. Gain North American brand recognition within 2 years.
2. Recover expense within the first year.
Long Term Goals
1. Have a presence over all of the US and Canada, with at least 5 retail stores in all states and provinces.
2. Establish partnerships with several other “big” companies and bring a variety of products to my customers.
3. Educate the general public on the harmful ways that apparel is produced worldwide.

1. Reach out and establish connections and partnerships with other apparel companies.
2. Launch several social media campaigns to bring more product awareness.
3. Limit investment into he company’s start up, reducing investor risk.
The clothing industry has a huge impact on the world. The amount of people employed by the industry numbers up to 75 million. 38% of those people are victim of illegal human rights violations. Our name came from the idea that our products will have an impact on these atrocities and forever change the industry, for the better.

Business Concept
Product Description
You walk into the Nike store and are surrounded by amazing, colorful shoes. Then a thought pops into your head; how many children in Pakistan had to work 18 hour shifts to make these products? Impact Clothing…

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