How The Characters Changed The Crucible Essay

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How The Characters Changed In The Crucible The play The Crucible was written in the 1950s. It was a play and drama with the author Arthur Miller. In the play there are many characters that change throughout the entire play. Three characters that have the most dramatic change are john proctor, reverend hale and Elizabeth proctor. This drama has made these characters loose trust in almost everything and everyone. There was so much anger and confusion throughout the town. Each character changes in a different way than the other but they all do change a lot. They called in a professional in witchcraft and hoped that he could solve their problems. Elizabeth proctor was born in 1652, she was married to john proctor. They did not have any kids. Elizabeth was charged guilty with witchcraft. Elizabeth was a nice women and she did not do anything wrong and did not have any associations with witchcraft. As much as she pleaded insistent she was still accused and was going to get hung. Some of the ways that she changes throw out the drama is that at the beginning she does not like john and she judges him for committing a sin with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth has a right to be mad about this and she shows it. She shows it in her actions and just her emotions with john. Elizabeth is accused of being a witch and participation in acts of witchcraft by Abigail. Elizabeth is very confused and vary angry. She is sentenced to be hung but cannot be hung because she is pregnant with child.…

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