How The Cause And Effect Of The Computer Industry Essay

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This piece of writing is about the thing i 'm using to type this, a pencil. If that wasn 't a good joke then I got nothing. Moving on I want to talk computers or in the broader sense technology in general. We all have some form of the electronic device, cell phones, ipods, laptops, the list go’s to the moon and back. Society has gone from the big white dino computers to computers that can produce a virtual reality experience unlike any other. But how did the industry grow so quickly? I mean we went from only the rich had computers to everyone and their mother has some form of cellphone or ipod. The reason the General technology industry has grown to such a scale is a mix of Job opportunities, economic needs, and psychosocial needs.
Before I can go into details about the causes let 's describe the effects of the causes, makes sense I guess? Well the effect that I want to shine a light on is the growth of the computer industry in such a short time frame. Computers first appeared in the 1950’s but they really went places in the 1960’s when the government told ibm to separate their hardware form there software. The 1970’s the industry started to speed up with multiple price cuts and improvements in performance. Even when the economic downturn hit the industry was expanding and improving increasing 20 to 40 percent, give or take(Pacific). Fast forwarding to the age of smartphone addiction it 's amazing how far we have progressed. But what was the cause of this rapid…

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