Essay about How The Blind See The World

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Persuasive Research Paper
How the Blind See the World
Jeremy is an eight year old blind boy who has just taken the hearing test provided by the school. The test results were astonishing; Jeremy could hear about 1.2 times better than the average sighted child. Jeremy’s teacher, Mrs. Lundsten, was amazed by her handicapped student’s hearing ability. Like Mrs. Lundsten, people throughout history have thought of blindness as a handicap and that these people can not take care of themselves. However studies have shown that this may not be completely true. This is due to the blind’s enhanced auditory skills. A prime example of the blind’s enhanced hearing is similar to echolocation. Many people who experience blindness at an early age may develop a heightened sense of hearing.
In ancient times the blind were looked down upon by others and were often considered their own class. Blindness was considered to be a punishment for social or religious transgressions or it was a result of warfare. Many ancient people could not fathom the idea that blindness was not caused by an accident or spiritual punishment. However some scientists/ philosophers studied the blind (Miller,1). This was the first step in understanding the blind and the function of a blind individual’s brain.
RESEARCH AND STUDIES The Daredevil was a lawyer who became a superhero when radioactive material caused him to go blind and enhanced his senses. In the comic the Daredevil’s senses are heightened by the…

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