How The American Revolution Changed The World Today Essay

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The chapter one in this book talks about how the American Revolution beginning in the first place of black Africa American when through hard time fight slavery in this world we live in. Something the talk about his political and moral movement time of the march they had back then. Some of the key elements I am putting from this book is the important things inside the chapter is the true fact about the American Revolution is that “this paradox can be explained only by a survey of the racial and political relations between black and white Americans during the mid- to late eighteenth century”. The line of context taken from the book is and true statement still go on in our live today in this world with blacks and whites cannot get along anything back then. But now we are stay together on everything that we do together in this world because in God eyes he see everything going on in the world. This chapter also talks about how the constitution equal right is in the world today with Act been explains in the first chapter. The first the talk about is how the “American Revolution beginning with the laws throughout the colonies were designed to perpetuate the supremacy of the merchant and planter classes”. When think about this chapter it beings back old memoirs in the past of slave times that, we face in society today in this new era of slave times. The main reason why we stop fighting each other is because of all the things be going on in the world with young black man’s been…

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