How The American History Was Written By William Bennett Essay

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How the American history was written. The “American history”, as describe by William Bennett, has been written as the western canon- “the best that has been said, thought, written and otherwise expressed about the human experience”. Bennett’s. examination about the American history being the best that has been said, thought, written…etc, highlight that American history is very one sided. Growing up, whenever I took a history class I realized that most of the information being taught to us about history was male dominated or it was that of outdated philosophers. As a result I believed that history is irrelevant and very boring. While reading “Something has gone very wrong” I found it very intriguing that college professor are not pleased when students has been exposure to history before college; Because, they then see it as their job to disabuse the charge of they learned in high school. Then why do they insist on teaching us student’s Eurocentric history thought-out high school when they change this later on down the spectrum.
The fact that Christopher Columbus is perceived as a hero in American history is scandalous. In fact, from the perspective which history is being taught in the United States, they suggest that without Christopher Columbus none of us would be here. In the film” history vs Christopher Columbus, they claimed that his vogue was an inspiration to struggling people around Europe, symbolizing freedom and new begins. Nevertheless, I consider this to be…

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