How Technology Is The World Evolves Different New Inventions Are Being Created

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As the world evolves different new inventions are being created. For example. new gadgets are being made like new types of cars, phones, etc. The creation of new objects will never end, instead it will just keep growing and growing. Some of the inventions will actually be needed while others will catch one’s eye and may seem silly but will still pull one into wanting or actually buy it. Every year new technology is being released or created and lots of money is being spent on it. It’s like iPhones as an iPhone owner I am always on the lookout for when the newest version will be released, one does not need the new iPhone 7 but it is just so eye-catching. People like have their their hands on the latest version of everything and companies know well how to drive one in and take one’s money out of ones pocket. The actual question would be if one should invest money in a iBand+ or a iLDOCK?? Do you ever have a hard time catching some sleep at night? Because if the answer is yes, then you might want to invest in an iband+headband. It claims to help improve one’s sleep and dream. “It is a wireless smart Bluetooth EEg headband, in where it senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy.” Some more technological factors included are that it obtains health tracking sensors that have the ability to measure one’s heart rate, body temperature and movement. By permitting to track all this it helps the iband be able to change the audio-visual signals of the iband in order to…

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