Essay about How Technology Is The Role Of Traditional Communication

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find it easier to rely on digital connections to relate to other people. However, these digital connections are just an illusion of companionship, and there are no assurance that there is friendship involved in that network (Turkle 2). As a result, the increased use of technology has made it possible for people to hide from each other despite the networks created by these technologies. Sociable robots are assuming the role of traditional communication whereby they are able to gaze, speak and convey messages where they help us learn new things due to their wide reach. As human beings, it is upon us to take care of these sociable robots since it is the only way through which we ensure that they continue to function. However, the assumption made about them is that they are going to reciprocate which is false. People need to understand that at no point will these social robots be able to take care of us in return (Turkle 2). Instead, they only magnify social isolation for us especially, with the intensified use of technology.
Based on the evidence provided, it is clear that technology is taking on the new communication paradigm. People are too afraid to express themselves to other people due to fear of disappointments and creating close connections. Others believe that when they relate to people, they might reveal too much than they anticipated. Instead, they opt to pursue life using technologies, masking their need for social adhesion. With increased use of mobile phones and…

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