How Technology Is Ruining Society Essay

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‪Before I did this interview with my dad I was nervous about what his responses were going to be. I expected many negative, annoyed answers that droned on about my generation and how lazy we are. He is 65-year-old, Florida native, Republican. For the most part, baby boomers love to talk about how obsessed with ourselves we are, how consumed with social media we are, and how today’s current technology is ruining society. While my dad may have let a few of those things slip throughout our discussion, I was surprised at how many opinions of society my dad and I agree on. With almost a fifty-year age difference, there are still some things about technology and media we can find common ground on.
When I asked my dad about the impact technology has had over him, he began to explain to me that growing up he only had FM/AM radio and three television networks in his home. Over the years, he has been able to watch those devices transform through the furthering of technology and through the Internet. Nowadays, most televisions have over 200 channels and hundreds of music channels. He explained to me that watching the computer develop into what it is today has been incredible. Most notably, he tells me that the idea that computers are now connected to video devices with editing software has really impacted his own business. For so long, many things we can now do on a laptop were seen as impossible or something only professionals were able to do. My dad then began to tell me about his…

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