How Technology Is Propagating Personal Information All Over The High Tech World

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Technology is a ubiquitous force that surrounds us on a day to day basis. It can also take on many different forms including: computers, tablets, medicine, tables, and much more. However, technology is also one of the most degrading when it comes to personal privacy. In chapter 3 of Helen Nissenbaum’s Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life (2010), the overall theme of the chapter is discussing how technology is propagating personal information all over the high-tech world. The precarious outcome of these happenings are very detrimental to the state of privacy. Personal information is being taken from us every single day. Technology is infamous when it comes to privacy, and it is getting stronger and stronger as the years pass. In this essay, I will examine what Helen Nissenbaum is trying to articulate by looking at various examples including: Google maps and street view, George Bell, who works for the “wonderful” company of Microsoft, online public records, and the impact of social media and its interactions in the technological world. Oh Google, how I love you and hate you at the same time. You are always there for me when I need help on homework. Moreover, you can answer any question that is asked of you. However, you are also cumbersome when it comes to keeping personal privacy belonging to that one person. One of your downfalls comes from Google Maps. The power of Google Maps has evolved into a worldwide superpower through the years.…

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