How Technology Has Revolutionized The World Essay

759 Words Feb 19th, 2016 4 Pages
As an awe inspiring intended computer science major, I have always been fascinated with how technologies are revolutionizing the world; my particular interests lies in the remarkable ability of using social media to connect people through the sharing of information and how that information is spread in an instant. Likewise in college, I keep close contact with my family via Skype or Facebook. While examining my childhood, I was fortunate enough to have a phone in elementary school and even a computer in the third grade. I was struck about how unfair it was for a kid like me, someone who never worked for a salary, could have valuable resources. Surrounded by institutions with great food and faculties, I’m indebted to my parents; yet, I had to wonder how their lives must have felt growing up, especially when they didn’t have the same opportunities and instead lived under repressed conditions. My Dad is Japanese and my Mom is Chinese -- so I guess I am half Japanese and half Chinese. The land of peace, freedom, and sushi, Japan was the native hometown for Dad. He was proud to be born there and his world consisted of pink sakura blossoms, congested school hallways, and small living spaces. Dad grew up in an apartment the size of our current living room back home -- his family had a bathroom, a kitchen, and a limited room for sleep. After graduating junior high, he worked part time whereas the rest of the family worked together to earn house income. Grandma not only worked as a…

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