How Technology Has Its Negative Effect On The Environment Essay

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Technology can be a very useful and helpful tool used in today’s modern day society. Technology can help people accomplish everyday tasks at a faster rate and accomplish those tasks easier. However, despite how helpful technology can be it also has its negative effect on the environment. One of the major environmental issues in today’s society is pollution. Pollution is caused by contaminates in the natural environment that causes changes. These contaminates disturb the ecosystem, cause human illness and is said to be the cause of global warming. Pollutions occur from smoke from vehicles, chemicals in the soil due to humans, dump wastes into rivers and many other reasons. Many people do not know, but surprisingly technology is another reason for pollution. Technology cause pollution is dated back to at least 1972 after World War II. Barry Commoner wrote a book called, “The Closing Circle”. Commoners’ book raised the awareness to the growing environmental issues occurring the country at the time. In article written by the University of Wollongong in Australia, the article summarizes Barry Commoner’s pollution issue written in his book:
“He pointed out that pollution was increasing at a much faster rate than population or economic growth. The difference, he argued, could be accounted for by the emergence of new technologies after World War 11. He noted that in the twenty-five years following the war, the production of non-returnable soft-drink bottles had increased by 53 000…

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