How Technology Has Improved Quality Of Life For Many Patients

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It’s no secret that the world is technologically advancing faster than most can keep up with; however; in the realm of healthcare, that is not necessarily a negative thing. As new health related applications for phones, laptops, and tablets develop, so does in-office medical tools, out of office medical tools, and software. As a plethora of new technology develops in the healthcare field, the overall quality of life, life expectancy, care at home and in-office, the quality of that care, efficiency, and affordability all are improving vastly; however; the on-going growth certainly has left stretch marks.
New advances in healthcare technology have led to an improved quality of life for many patients. For example, Laparoscopic surgeries, which use smaller incisions to preform surgeries like appendectomies (“Medical Technology”). Due to the development of technology capable of laparoscopic surgeries’ miniscule incision, patients can recover faster and with less pain than they would have prior the advancements. New technology has also brought about coronary stents, which “open up arteries in the heart that are partially blocked by plaque,” have had a similar effect (“Medical Technology”). Coronary stents are credited with “reducing chest pain” and “improv[ing] the odds of surviving a heart attack” (“Medical Technology”). In addition to all the above advancements, reconstructive plastic surgery gives people who have been disfigured the opportunity to improve their quality of life…

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