How Technology Has Impacted Young Children 's Creativity? Essay

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Creativity has existed for as long as this earth occurred. It has evolved enormously since then. Creativity can be formed from watching others develop new idea and creating your ideas upon the already existing idea to create something more innovative. In the 21st century creativity has evolved enormously based on the influence of technology. My research focuses specifically on the how creativity process is affected by technology. On the contrary, a new articles by: Nancy Carlsson-Paige “Is technology sapping children’s Creativity?” introduces the idea on how technology has impacted young children’s lives without really understanding how they are learning to use technological devices without really being taught how to. Furthermore Clive Thompson’s in his book Smarter than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better introduces the new idea about how technology has allowed people to connect through the advancements of technology and how it has allowed people to be more “productive” and share ideas to create a piece of work. In another journal by: Harshavardhan Gangadharbatla in “Technology Component: A Modified Systems Approach to Creative Thought”, in this journal the author discusses how technology has impacted our creativity process over the past century. The last article “How Technology changed creativity” by: Dean Rieck emphasizes the idea how technology has changed the whole creative process.

Thompson, Clive. "The Connected Society." Smarter than You…

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