How Technology Has Impacted Families Essays

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Technology has evolved and expanded enormously over the last 20 years. Research on technology and its affects is still in its early stages and there is much to be explored. One of the most fascinating aspects is how technology has impacted families’ ways of communicating with each other. In today’s society, an intriguing area to study is how or if technology has united families in making it easier to stay in touch or has it driven families apart by prohibiting face to face communication? Researchers can use the qualitative and quantitative methods to research these questions. Quantitative research methods are those which make an effort to calculate people’s thoughts, feelings or behavior using numbers. Quantitative methods use comprehensive styles of watching or dialoging with people. These styles implement research tools such as in-depth interviews, narrative analyses, surveys and field research. Another significant step in this research process is the literature review of finalized report.
In-depth interviews would be beneficial to help research this subject because researchers would have direct questions to give to the families being studied that would help define what part technology plays in each family. Questions could be formal and specific or informal and open. Because the research of technology’s impact is growing daily, interviews may help to narrow the study to a more specific topic. Interview questions could help to determine if a family is technology savvy, how…

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