How Technology Has Changed Us? Essays

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Technology has allowed various types of people to stay in contact with each other both quicker and over longer distances than before. Over the years an increased amount of different technological advancements has allowed us to be able to communicate without geographical boundaries, and almost instantly. All these different ways to communicate with others are not necessarily better than speaking face to face with someone. For my friend Allison, who did not purchase a cell phone until three years ago, getting a cell phone changed who she communicated with, and how she communicated. As someone who tries to avoid communicating with others, Allison finds that having other methods such as texting easier to deal with, and sometimes more effective. According to her, communication has changed greatly ever since different communication technology had become widespread. One of the most notable changes that came with the increase of communication methods was how much less contact there is. When one person texts another, there is not visual or audio signals being sent, just plain text. When Allison wanted to talk to her friends about what they are doing later, she would be forced to sit in front of them, and pay attention to the sights and sounds of the conversation. The book talks about how different modes affect communication in the quote, “Communication media limit the number of these modalities, and, hence, the richness of the information they provide” (Ruben & Stewart, 2006, p.…

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