Essay How Technology Has Changed The World

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Technology to the destruction Last week it was thanksgiving celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing. But we humans are not always happy with what we have we always want more, We wanted new life, new ways, New higher standard of living and offer since the technology advancement happened we wanted new and new technology. Thanksgiving now is not celebrated to appreciate all the blessing we have but to bless us more with technology and comfort. Sale of thanksgiving goes out a month earlier and people start making list of the new blessing they are going to get. I went to walmart to buy myself a gaming console and I was surprised to see how people behave just to get there hands on that new phone or laptop they wanted. People would fight for things It was almost like seeing people running after the treasure of el dorado. Technology has changed the world totally, it changed the people it changed the entire humanity and that raises a question is technology good for us, does it actually help or is it only destroying us ?.

New technology gave humans a better understanding of themselves, how their body works, how do we get sick and how to cure ourselves. Technology has transformed the way we defend ourselves against diseases. Medicine are so advanced now it can cure your sickness in one day. We became bless with the advanced health care so we no longer have to wait in a line to meet a doctor just to find if there blood…

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