Essay about How Technology Has Changed The Workplace

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Technology plays a very strong role in my life today as I find it very interesting and entertaining. The way that it makes hard or cumbersome tasks extremely easy and quick. My father looks at the subject with a very different point of view, as he is a boss and he views it as a distraction. I found this out when I was working with him one day, I was next to him and he was on the phone. I hear him say to whoever was on the other line “I think I could do without cellphones they are just a waste of time.” I immediately thought he was wrong and technology is necessary for business. However, thinking back on it my father has been with this business for over 20 years which is a lifetime in technology progression. So I asked myself, How has technology changed the workplace as a whole? Has it brought more improvements to the work environment or has it just set it up for failure.
I never really knew how many factors come into play when I asked how tech changed the workplace, that may just go to show how many things we do at work involve tech. The article “Application of Modern Technology and Social Media in the Workplace” (Blacksmith and Poeppelman) really made me realize how much the daily work routine has altered. The article speaks of business meetings being held over a video call instead of in person. This allows people to talk face to face from hundreds of miles away with ease. Tracking computer tasks of multiple employees to ensure productivity is as easy as downloading a…

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