How Technology Has Changed The Perspective Of Today 's Children

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Over the last decade, the daily experience of children have been changed by developments in technology. Beyond the contents and accessibility that have been exposed, technology has brought amusements for the majority of children around the world. However, the long iniquity of technology has drastically changed the perspective of today’s children. The use of technology may lead to negative effects on emotions which will lead to anti- behavior in children .In the past , children use to spend their free time interacting with their friends, talking and playing together. This interaction created an active social life and strong bonds between the children. The Internet has brought major problems into contemporary society. Whenever we talk about the so-called “at risk” group, mentioned in various estimates, about 40% of Internet users are captured by the attractions of the technology , which can create a harmful attitude in children (Young). Nowadays children use Internet with consistency. Many studies show that more than two- thirds of eight year old children go to online every day. The relationship between Internet use and physical and social effects are complex. With the accessibly of the Internet, many studies show a great tendency for children to have an Internet addiction. (Patrick). Children are highest risk population to develop an addiction to the Internet because of use of many accessible devices, such as video games, computers, and mobile…

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