How Technology Has Changed The Civilized World Essay

1802 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
The internet had quickly ushered many convenience to our lives. The growth of web-technology has changed the civilized world in how we conduct business, communications, and has even changed how we socialize. The convenience of the internet also has created new worries of cyber intruders trying to steal personal information for profit. Not realizing the widespread information infrastructure it takes to connect them into cyberspace. This paper is a causal analysis of the history on computer virus’, specifically on malware and how it can infect a network by introducing unwanted bots into an unprotected network. Furthermore, how Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or Denial of Service (DoS) can be planted within an unprotected computer without the knowledge of their host. Additionally, how hackers target businesses for profit by threats of shutting down their computer networks. Today cybercrime has become a major concern not only in America but has become a worldwide pandemic, claiming billions of dollars of lost revenue annually. Lastly, how to mitigate threats against attackers by following simple protection steps to help curb cybercrime and identity theft.
Throughout history, the Internet has been plagued with people overcoming security and infecting computers worldwide with viruses and malware. As the internet is in a constant flux of change, writing antivirus and malware programs is a never ending process. There seems to be hundreds of electronic companies…

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