How Technology Has Changed Over The Years Essay

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Technology was very rare growing up. You would only see computers in school and the library and even then few people knew how to operate them correctly. The ways technology has changed over the years has changed who we are, how we’re growing up today and how a family functions. Cell phones were a brick with a small two color screen and your family probably only had one. Televisions were kept in the family room because they were expensive and weighed upwards of one-hundred pounds. In 2004 one of the most popular flip phones was released by Motorola, the RAZR. At release it cost six-hundred dollars. Today you can own a phone with a higher resolution screen, a much better camera, and more than one thousand times the memory storage for fifty dollars. In 1996 a Samsung ten inch table top TV cost three-hundred forty dollars, today a forty inch, high definition flat screen TV cost around the same price. As I grew up in the very late nineties and the first decade of the two-thousands I was pretty unfamiliar with technology compared to my peers. I was one of the last people to have a cell phone or internet and a computer at home. My first game system was a PlayStation 2, playing video games was something I did mostly when friends came over, which was almost always. Even then it was more fun for me to go outside and ride bikes or trek through the woods with my friends.
We are the generation of nostalgia. We grew up in the age of transition. From hand-written letters to electronic…

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