How Technology Has Changed Our World Today? Essays

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Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past thirty years (on that note, even ten years) acknowledges that the world has changed radically. From the rise and further advancement of computers, to the increasing prevalence of bioengineering, and even something as simple as how people discuss things all demonstrate that this is a radically different world from my parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents. With these innovations, problems both contemporary and archaic have reared their ugly heads; one of the greatest of these issues is bullying. This endearing issue, something in which we all have encountered by some means, and by some form, plays a massive role in our world today. Although it seems like this issue is something with no solution, many resources that have been acquired (from our innovations to the literature that has been created by great minds) prove that there are ideas about how to make this issue cease to exist. Although it is seen as a “children’s book,” nothing more that literature for the undeveloped mind, The Lorax is a piece of work that is quintessential for this discussion. Through the amusing (and sometimes downright silly) diction of Dr. Seuss, the tale of the little boy listening to the Once Ler not only gives an environmentalist message but, it also gives insight into the bullying issue. Within the story, in a similar way to how fracking companies work, the Once Ler continues to abuse the resources around him (which are…

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