Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Society

1499 Words Apr 8th, 2016 6 Pages
In today’s age technology is booming in our society. Specifically, with the younger generation, it seems like children are becoming more “tech savvy” even at a young age. These children are basically born with technology in their hands, so it is natural that the world of technology is being intergraded into the educational world. Technology started its journey into the educational world in the 1980’s, so this idea is not a new one, but something that has been around for awhile. We have been trying to incorporate technology for over thirty years, but now it is becoming more of a necessity. School systems are having to incorporate technology to fit in with the growing and changing times. At this point, back in 1980, researchers could not even imagine the technology we have today and how easily accessible it is. Every household in this day has at least a desktop computer and possibly even more than that. Cell phones that use to be big and clunky are now very small and can do anything a full sized desktop computer can do. These children know no different they were born with tablets, cell phones, and computers in their hands. Some of the older generation might think this is a bad thing but overall the world is changing and these children know no different. If used correctly computers in education can be a great asset. Children will not only be able to research more and have the textbooks at their fingertips at any moment, but having technology in the classroom is also teaching…

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