How Technology Has Changed Our Society Essay

769 Words Sep 2nd, 2014 4 Pages
The 21st century is an age unlike any other, distinguished by copious amounts of technological advances. Though there are many benefits to this wealth of technology we now hold in our very own hands, these gadgets may be having a detrimental effect on the youth of our society, the future of our world. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have shortened the quest for knowledge. Conversations are now more comfortably held behind a screen instead of face-to-face, and with all of these advances our generation has become seemingly lazy. In the eyes of many, technology seems to enhance the joys of life; however, the real truth behind the matter is that we are wasting days when attached to our precious computers, cellphones, and cameras. We’ve stopped living in the moment, and started living behind our screens.
Social media is a concept that almost everyone is familiar with to some extent. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2013 it was recorded that a little over 71% of adults have a Facebook (Duggan and Smith). While social media has its pro’s, there are definitely still some cons associated with this form of online communication. In the process of advocating the idea of being “social”, social media has slowly crept in and killed the way humans were meant to communicate. Instead of actually speaking to one another, it’s now easier for us to just send a text message or email. These forms of conversation, while convenient, lack emotion. This lack of emotion has…

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