Essay about How Technology Has Changed Our Society

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Technology has changed our world in many ways such as creating new business innovations, developing education sectors, and changing our society. We can say that now we are living in a technologically civilized society where almost everything used involved technology. Consequently, many people have expressed their question that are we too dependent on technology? Have we look at the downside of it? I think we misunderstand the purpose of technology. We are selfish and we take advantage of its convenience, instead of using its benefits in properly. Business innovation, technology has influenced the way we perform our businesses. Most companies are conducted over computers or communication devices, making information travel faster, easier, and more reliable. According to the article Information Technology in Business: The big picture, technology is a core business to success. It is the streamline of company operations which decrease cost, create more efficiency, and maximize profit. Furthermore, technology is also a foundation of marketing strategy which company can connect with customers such as gathering their opinions, building relationship and reaching potential customers, providing them better services, etc (Information Technology in Business: The big picture). Interestingly, technology has taken a significant role in education sectors. According to Prince (2013), New Survey Findings Report on How Educational Technology is Being Used in Classroom, 74% of people who took…

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