Essay about How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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The past few years, technology has been on the rise, in personal life, school life, and business life. When technology devices first came around, they were bulky and inconvenient to carry. People today carry the devices as if they were an accessory, a cell phone in their hand or back pocket, a blue tooth in their ear, a laptop or tablet bag in place of a purse. Technology has become a staple in daily life. People use phones and computers to communicate information increasingly more than face-to-face communication. Smart phones, laptops and the applications on each, as well as social media are on the rise in business communication trends. They offer a quick and mobile way for professionals to connect and companies to research and market their products and services.
A technological leash, phone cords have increasingly disappeared. Some people still have landlines; they are good for emergencies such as when the power goes out. However, cordless phones took over and were than usurped by cell phones, which have since evolved from flip phones to smart phones. There is a growing business communication trend in the presence of smartphone use. The battle between the iPhone (Apple) and android (Samsung) phones is ongoing, yet each offers apps to help people keep in touch and communicate quicker, through texting, emailing, and video chatting. Although, with the broad appeal of android, many phones have begun to resemble each other, and companies such as Huawei, LG Electronics,…

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