How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay examples

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How has technology changed in your life? There are many different kinds of technology in today’s time. Technology has increased greatly in the past years. I still remember when no one had laptops and cell phones didn’t even have Internet access. Now we have so many different kinds of technology and I think they can control our lives. Technology has changed the way I live day to day. I can’t even go a day without having my cell phone. The use of technology in my life has changed greatly, both positively and negatively, ever since I first got a cell phone.
When I was in the fifth grade, all of my friends were starting to get cell phones. I still remember being upset with my parents because everyone else in my grade had a cell phone and they hadn’t gotten me one yet. Well, one day they got me one and I was so ecstatic. When I got home from school that day, my best friend Walker and I sat in my living room and we texted back and forth to each until our fingers couldn’t move and didn’t have any text messages left for the month. I thought it was so cool that we could have a conversation without even talking to one another. That was how we wasted our time, because there weren’t any games on my cell phone like there are now. For the first week that I had it, it really distracted me because I always wanted to be on it and wanted to show it to all of my friends. After that week of having my cell phone it didn’t distract me anymore because I was used to having it by then. It was kind…

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