How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

830 Words Nov 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Blasting headphones with rap music does not seem so strange anymore; people gazing at their phones all day long, strolling down the street, and even while having dinner with their family without becoming bored. In this alienated, modern century, people cannot seem to envision their lives without technology. It has creeped its way to the top of the food chain and became a part of our everyday life. Ever since the invention of technology, people don’t seem to realize just how much technology has gained control of our daily lives and how serious it’s affecting our younger, brain-washed generation and their mental health. Technology is improving in many ways day by day, and as much as we do not seem to realize it, we are its victims. We now live in a society that is excessively dependent and relies heavily on technology to complete our daily tasks. Since the day that technology crawled into our lives, we human beings now sense that we could not ever exist without it. Smartphones used to be a luxury that only wealthy people can afford; now it is a must-have. Slowly, it claims its throne on the list for back-to-school items. Books and brains used to be an inseparable pair, but now they’re being replaced by the latest technology. Strolling past a classroom today in most places, one would see either computers, or MacBook and Chromebooks on every students’ desks. Technology has been making a breakthrough in education and has provided quick access to a vast variety to learning…

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