How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essays

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Since the very beginning of the human existence, we have made choices to improve ourselves in order to survive. For every choice we made we had always had to give something up. These improvements in the way we live our lives have always been present, and recently the improvements that show up the most are linked to technology; it is a major concern that technology will change the way we are in the future even more than it is already doing each and every day. Technology will keep changing us like it has always done throughout history, but change does not necessarily mean takeover; technology will advance as an extension of ourselves, to help us improve and make us better humans. When technological improvements are brought up, one thinks robot arms and exoskeletons that give us absurd powers that will ultimately backfire and end like the movie Terminator; with the machines taking over the human world. Believe it or not, we have already been exposed to these, but they are a little different than those in the movie Terminator. In the book “Beyond Humanity” by Allen Buchanan, he talks about how enhancements, and how they have always been present in our history. One of his examples for these was literacy, although it is not an iron arm that gives us super strength, it has improved us. The use of literacy reduced the requirement for us to remember things, like facts of stories because we are now able to write them down or share them before they are forgotten. You may ask, how has…

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