How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

1693 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Internet Technology play an important role in our lives, it surrounds almost every aspect of our lives. Technology has many benefits that improve and change in our society. However, nowadays people have become overly dependent on technology, living without technology just like living without air. One of greatest technology that has totally changed the way that we live is Internet. Internet is a technology that connects the world together. The Internet has greatest impact on our history, culture, society and politics. With the development of electronic computer in the 1950s, started with the ideas about how people could quickly access date and program from any site by a globally interconnect set of computer but it took for a long time to development the ideas to reality. The initial ideal of Internet is credited to Leonard Kleinrock. In that time, many scientist and military experts was especially concerned about a network that even when Soviet attack on the nation’s telephone system, it still could enable government leaders to communicate efficient for the long distance communication. In 1962, the idea about a galactic network by J.C.R Lickliker (the first director of IPTO) and from all of those ideas Robert Taylor created a network that later became ARPANET. They proposed this solution for the problem with a network of computer could talk to the other without worrying about Soviet destroyed the telephone system. In 1965, there was another idea about a way of…

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