Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

1130 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
The 21st century has been labeled as the “information age” – a time when society relies on technology not only to connect and communicate, but also to get work done, to conserve energy and produce more goods, and to even save lives. Due to the nature of technology, information changes rapidly and increasingly influences more and more people each day. While there are controversies and arguments about how we as a society have begun to rely too much on technology, there is no denying that technology has been a great asset to the way we live our lives. By studying the way we communicate through new technologies and social media, we can better understand these topics of discussion: written and nonverbal communication, communication technologies, how those communication technologies affect behavior, and the benefits and detriments of technology when used to communicate. Within a workplace environment, technology is not only helpful but vital to the success of a cohesive organization’s culture. While there are a number of differences between nonverbal and verbal communication, what makes the use of technology and social media in the workplace so useful is that it can span both methods of communication, regardless of the fact that nonverbal communication conveys the majority of a message’s meaning, at 65 – 90%. To further elaborate on this, take into consideration the forms of nonverbal communication in technology – paper notes, memos, letters, and reports. All are necessary to…

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