How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

1236 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Technology is all around us; continuously updating our daily lives, and arguably upgrading our everyday routines. The way technology has altered the way we view the world is by ensuring that we rely on it, making our worlds ultimately evolve around it. it is all pervasive and influences every aspects of our existence in the Western world.
Technology at its simplest can be defined as desirable consumable electronic goods such as IPads, mobile phones and laptops. Marxist theorists associated with the Frankfurt school view technology as a means to sell us products which then makes us want to associate with technology more. However does advertising create the desire? Or is it just feeding from the desire that already exists? As Frankfurt school approach on objects of desire is a negative one as the desire to absorb technology is purely an expression of false requirment shaped by the advertising industires. As an example people are always upgrading to the latest smart phones even though they don’t need to.
Futhermore technology us also a main element of the mass media which empowers narratives to be connected to the world-wide audiences, for instance social medias such as Facebook, instagram, snapchat and so many other. This enables consmuers to stay connected with a global audience such as friends and relatives from different part of the world. Globalisation has allowed technology to become avaible to millions of new consumers around the world, including young children, this…

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