Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

1150 Words Nov 20th, 2014 5 Pages
How can we keep up with a world that is constantly progressing? With technology progressing at lightening speed, it seems like we will never get enough. It is very interesting how much technology is used in our every day lives, but what makes us use it? Smartphones have changed the way we participate in every day life through applications such as dating apps or apps that give you the answers to math equations. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have replaced our physical communities with a virtual one. It is evident that through these outlets, technology has opened up a whole new world where things are done for us. The question here is: why is that?
This essay will discuss and analyze the functions of technology in modern society as well as how and why we use it in regards to the theory of uses and gratifications. Is it our needs that drive our media obsessed culture, or is it our time? Previous cultures experiences a much simpler form of technology but were not exposed to the amount of information as today’s generation has been.

Do we use technology?
Since the first telephone was created in 1875, we have strived to break distance barriers in communication. This allowed society to connect with others from afar, and suddenly technology progressed faster than anyone could have imagined. Telephones can now tell you who is on the other line, and tell you when they leave a message. Furthermore, Smartphones have become a worldwide phenomenon…

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