Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Future?

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Advancement in Technology in the Work Forces

With technology evolving everyday, many things in our future might change, including jobs. Some jobs could be taken away by technology like computers or robots. Americans will have some mixed feelings about the job situation coming up in the future. It could be a good thought or a bad thought, but it will most likely be a bad thought. Jobs in the future could be done by computers or robots if it’s not a physical job, meaning that a person has to be present for it to be done.People with physical jobs will more than likely be safe from getting their jobs taken away by technology. But people with non-physical jobs could be taken away or moved to a different country. And while some jobs could be taken away from us, different jobs could open up for repairing technology or working with technology. With technology growing Americans might not know how secure their job is because of the level of technology or offshorable jobs.

Many Americans working non-physical jobs could be upset with technology taking over their job. Some have went to college to earn that degree for the job they wanted when a computer could do it for them. But with jobs being taken away in the United States, some of their jobs could open up in different countries. Or people could just find a more physical job that might interest them. In Blinders article, he says for people to plan to go into fields that are more personal and cannot be offshored. But people might not…

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