How Technology Has Changed Education Essay

756 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Society has said that technology either benefits or hinders education. Within this essay I will address the various aspects of how technology has benefited education. The various types of technology that have benefited education are smartboards, the Internet, and Microsoft Office programs. Technology can also hinder education, because it sometimes becomes a distraction within the classroom for some students. On the whole, I feel that technology has helped promote literacy, writing, and reading. One aspect of education that technology has benefited is better access to. In medieval times, only the elite had access to books and a variety of educational opportunities. Now, those amounts of information have been made available by the evolution of technology, and the Internet. You are able to get assistance on homework through many different websites online. Access to educational opportunities in today’s society is unprecedented, because of how technology has evolved. Technology has also changed how teachers communicate with their students. Throughout history classrooms have been isolated in a sense, and group projects have been limited only to students within the particular class, or within the building. More technology is a beneficiary factor, because it has enabled various ways of communications and collaborations. Classroom walls are no longer seen as a barrier for collaboration, because technology has also helped evolved the way we learn, communicate, and…

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